The incarnation of minimalism in kitchen
Manifestation of funtional design

Maximize every point
The study of every gesture, function and movement are all around the project. The formal elegance suggests an intuitive functionality of a sophisticated, sculptural and transoarent kitchen system
One of a kind
Each project is carefully selected and made to measure for the clients. Customisation is made with artisan logic, but supported by organizational strength, distribution, technical and design assistance to industrial scale.
Butterfly motion
The architect's line emerges at first sight.The lines are enveloping: they dramatic block and glass planes not break the continuous sign of the kitchen.
Innovation cooktop
An exceptional idea, hand-crafted to perfection Its sinuous geometry achieves perfect harmony, thanks to malleable materials and a combination of industrial know-how and artisianal craftsmanship.
Only Corian®
Materials as indicators of style Single-material system kitchen or in a combination of selected finishes.
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